Professional Training for educators

To provide learners with a framework of knowledge and skills in art that will be useful in their roles as classroom teachers as well as practitioners.

This training provides the skills and techniques in Drawing and Painting from both observational and expressive perspective. Learners will learn about the possibilities of the different mediums and the usage of the tools. Development process skills like responsiveness, comparison and reflection, that are involved in art making, will be incorporated in the program This program will reinforce the learners existing knowledge and is designed to give the learners well-rounded competencies in the two and three-dimensional media.



C-COP Team bonding through art exploration

A fun and comfortable session where the participants will be learning to paint and create a masterpiece with various techniques and mediums.

Our experienced professional facilitators will be teaching the participants how to create different types of brush strokes and textures, the different teams will be given different tasks to perform. At the end of the session, the various teams will be coming together to piece up their painting to form a bigger masterpiece.

In the work process, every member of the team will have to come together to discuss, plan, problem solve and achieve their common goals.

Team Building Learning Points – C-COP
Collaboration through Communication, Observation and Problem solving.
– Be a leader, be a follower
– Critical listening
– Accuracy and Excellence