At Preschool

Rainbow Box art curriculum introduces innovative ideas and a wide range of materials in art learning. The curriculum has been meticulously developed to meet the growing needs for relevant art learning resources and to encourage deeper understanding and appreciation for Art.

The curriculum instills in a child confidence and freedom of expression. With long term exposure and appropriate training, art not only hone the technical skills and aesthetic development; it promotes left and right brain development.

The curriculum is age appropriate, utilizing appropriate themes, materials and methodology. The objectives are to introduce a child to basic art concept and skills, inspire a sense of curiosity and taps on the preschool age creative potential. It aims to strengthen a child’s cognitive skills, art techniques and observational skills.

The curriculum comprises of the various mediums like oil pastel, soft pastels, charcoal, modelling clay, air-dry clay, gouache and watercolour.

The level 1 program
– 3 to 4 year old nursery children

The level 2 program
– 2 for 5 to 6 year old kindergarten children