Think! Contemporary – SAM Post Museum Exhibition

The Think! Contemporary Programme is a multi-visit, museum-based school programme that is aimed at promoting educational learning through art.

The Primary 4 pupils from Haig Girls’ School visited the museum as part of their integrated curriculum, during the visit, they studied SAM’s permanent collection as primary resources for the classroom teaching and learning of Art, Humanities and English language subjects. Through close looking and discussions about artworks, a multidisciplinary approach is employed to cultivate analytical and creative thinking skills among students. The pupils then brainstormed and conceptualized in groups to recreate artworks to express their thoughts in response to the exhibits in SAM.

Hundertwasser @ Gongshang Primary School

Painting Hundertwasser’s artworks on level 3 walls,

the students first make an impression of the city inspired by the artist.

Then, in small groups, they got to paint the walls outside their classrooms over a period of 1 month.

They were excited to be able to make their designs now visible to others in the school.