Drawing with Oil Pastel

A journey to explore and open your eyes to the amazing world of the oil pastels creations. Learn the various techniques of the medium like Colour Blending, Line Strokes, Stippling, Cross-Hatching, Feathering, Sgarffito, Sfumato, Frottage and many more. Work on different surfaces will give you amazing effects and unexpected results.

Wonders of Clay – Modeling Clay (NAC)

Expose to the art of sculpture designs and creations using soft and pliable modeling clay. Let the creative juices run wide through the exploration of 2D relief and 3D sculpturing. Learn the basic and fundamental clay making skills.

Printmaking (NAC)

Create multiple prints of artwork through the various printmaking techniques, from transferal prints to monoprint and layering of colours. Make your own printing plates and print as many copies as you like. Various mediums and materials are used for the different types of printing.

World of Sculpture – Paper Marche (NAC)

The art of paper marche has the capability of converting any 2D pieces of paper into a 3D form through crashing, stacking or putting the paper together to create the shape of the desired forms. Explore other materials that can be used with paper to create a special texture for the sculpture.

Wonders of Clay – Air Dry Clay (NAC)

Clays are easy to use and model, are fine grained, and best of all, don’t need a kiln to fire. It dries solid, and yet allows additional clay to be added even after drying. Explore the different ways of creating texture on the clay and colours may be applied to give the sculpture a finer detail and outlook.

3D Sculpture and Wire Art (NAC)

Twist and turn the wire to create an expression of people or animals in movement and in action. Bending and coiling sound like a very simple form of artwork, however to fully make use of the possibilities of wire and transform the thin wire line into a 2D relief or a 3D sculpture form may be the next challenge to attempt.

Batik (NAC)

Batik Painting is a traditional art form that serves as an excellent medium in exploring cultural artistic expression. Explore the use of both traditional and contemporary tools to create a Batik artwork that is rich in colours, toning effects and patterns.

Ceramic (NAC)

Learn the different basic clay-making techniques, including hand-pinch method, slab method, coiling method and tile making. Experiment with various textures and patterns in design. Explore the techniques of techniques of glazing and firing.


A mural is an extensive platform of an artist’s means of expression. Experience painting on the oversized wall canvas and contribute to society and the art scene.